How to Disable the WSAS Management Console in my Production Server?

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  • By Afkham Azeez
  • 11 Oct, 2007

Security restrictions or company policies may disallow production servers to expose management functionalities. Management of WSO2 WSAS is carried out using a Web-based Management Console and a related set of Admin services. Disabling the WSAS management console means disabling the User Interface part of the console as well the Admin services.

Follow these steps to disable the Management Console:

  1. Locate WSO2WSAS_HOME/conf/server.xml
  2. Locate the following section in the above file
    <!--Functions related to the Management Console-->
    <!--Enable the Management Console, true/false-->
  3. Change the "EnableConsole" entry to "false"
  4. Restart WSO2 WSAS
  5. Try to access the management console just to verify that it has been disabled. You should see the following message on your browser:
  6. Management Console has been disabled. Enable it in the server.xml and try again.



If you are running WSAS in standalone mode, this is the directory to which the WSAS distribution was unzipped or extracted.


If you are running WSAS within a servlet container such as Apache Tomcat, this is the WSAS Home directory you specified during the installation. For example, if you installed WSAS on Tomcat, locate TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/wso2wsas/WEB-INF/classes/ There is a property named wso2wsas.home. The directory specified by this property is the WSO2WSAS_HOME

You could enable the WSAS Console at any time by changing back the "EnableConsole" entry to "true" and restarting WSAS

Applies To

WSO2 WSAS 2.0 & 2.1

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