7 Oct, 2013

[WSO2Con US 2013] Using Jaggery in Telecom Web and Mobile Applications

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It is difficult to determine a good architecture with many layers in a collaboration environment where people can build different applications types. With HTML5 applications that can be used everywhere security is a important feature to consider too. It is also challenging to have a front-end team with knowledge about all layers in a complex back-end structure. Therefore it's important to have an architecture where you can combine these two environments creating a web app and its APIs. With the some features from Jaggery you can resolve these problems. We were able to

  • Grant access to some resources using OAuth.
  • Call our Coreo App Engine web service that the application has to execute and check the App Engine responses with a WebSocket.
  • With the internationalization module we easily provided the user application texts in some languages that the system already stores in JSON files.

In this session he will show how we built this environment using Jaggery.



Cesar William Alvarenga Front End Engineer, Algar Telecom.

Cesar William is a Front End Engineer at Algar Telecom. Currently he’s working with the innovative platform Coreo which is built on open source software such as WSO2 and Apache Projects.

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