7 Oct, 2013

[WSO2Con US 2013] Apache Stratos on OpenStack

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In this session, presenters will illustrate why PaaS should not be a dumb workload on IaaS, and how bridging IaaS with PaaS maximizes cloud benefits while decreasing cloud complexity. The session will describe the value in cross-ecosystem collaboration between OpenStack and Apache Stratos (Incubating) , and specific call to action areas where participants can differentiate OpenStack powered Clouds.

Cloud DevOps increases productivity, optimizes run-time resource footprint, and efficiently manages a complex, dynamic cloud environment. Teams integrating development activities with operations activities (adopting DevOps) require visibility across the entire Cloud application stack. By deploying Apache Stratos (Incubating) PaaS on OpenStack IaaS, teams gain a holistic view of monitoring, management, security, provisioning, and performance management, across application and infrastructure perspectives.



Frank Rego Business Development ManagerSUSE

Frank Rego is Business Development Manager at SUSE, the original provider of the enterprise Linux distribution and the most interoperable platform for mission-critical computing. He has been with SUSE since 1999, and works with technology partners to define and bring to market best of breed solutions for enterprise and cloud computing.

Chris Haddad VP, Technology Evangelism,WSO2

Chris is responsible for raising visibility, awareness, and knowledge of the unique advantages provided by WSO2’s lean, fully componentized, open source middleware for on-premise and in the cloud.

He works closely with developers, architects, and C-level executives to increase WSO2 technology adoption, improve the middleware platform, and maximize customer value. He also works with the engineering team to define the product roadmaps for WSO2’s Carbon and Stratos platforms.

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