7 Oct, 2013

[WSO2Con US 2013] Keynote: Facing Born Mobile Generation Challenges in the Enterprise

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A new generation is born, and they are mobile. The mobile generation is not related to a particular age, but reflects a new generation of consumers and business participants who are exploring new possibilities created by the explosive growth of smart mobile devices.

Leading organizations have been implementing mobile technology that enables mobile generation use cases across employees, suppliers, partners, and customers. In the future, every single participant will be equipped with a smart mobile device, unleashing immense opportunity to re-invent how organizations interact with employees, suppliers, partners and customers. Mobile technology is becoming one of the biggest focus areas in the enterprise today. The question is, are we ready for this paradigm shift? This session will discuss challenges ranging from proliferation of diverse smart devices to building mobile applications for the new enterprise and emerging mobile landscape.



Harsha Purasinghe CEO & FounderWSO2Mobile.

Harsha is a serial entrepreneur who founded 3 software companies and a number of successful products since his debut in software industry at the age of 19. Harsha founded Microimage in 1993, and in 2007, Microimage Mobile Media. In 2013, Harsha founded WSO2 Mobile to build a suite of lean, enterprise, mobileware to solve enterprise mobility challenges. This was incorporated as a fully-owned subsidiary of WSO2 Inc., the leading open source middleware company. Harsha has won many awards for leadership and entrepreneurship.

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