7 Oct, 2013

[WSO2Con US 2013] Powering an enterprise with messaging and APIs

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BarclaycardUS has utilized the WSO2 ESB to integrate with our back end service providers using multiple protocols with very high volumes. The interfaced providers are primarily SOAP over MQ or HTTP(S) based, but other interfaces including the mobile interface utilize REST. Security is implemented with WS-Security currently for SOAP and will be implementing OAuth by years end for mobile. This presentation will discuss the basic solution as well as the hurdles encountered with bringing the WSO2 stack into our environment including performance, monitoring and SLA management.


  1. Integrating the ESB with an existing SOA environment.
  2. Leveraging the REST API with the ESB.
  3. Managing SSL x509 based security along with WS-Security username/token profile in the ESB.
  4. Managing 10 distinct environment with the WSO2 stack.
  5. Performance and monitoring in the enterprise.
  6. API governance and continuous integration.


Alex Brown,
Group Lead, BarclaycardUS

Alex has been developing enterprise software solutions for over 15 years as a consultant and as a member of BarclaycardUS. He is the group lead of the core services group at BarclaycardUS, which provides core services to the rest of the organization through data services (service-oriented architecture). The core services group also establishes the standards and governance for service architecture and design including the implementation stack that includes the WSO2 ESB and Governance server.


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