7 Oct, 2013

[WSO2Con US 2013] Store and Deliver Data to the Mobile App Edge: WSO2 Storage-as-a-Service and Data-as-a-Service

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Mobile applications are becoming the next big thing! People are moving more and more toward mobile platforms compared to its desktop cousins. Therefore, efficient mobile application creation has become critical. And as with any application, data is core. You will run your business logic against some data to output something useful. To access this data, the user has to have a data source to begin with. Especially in a cloud environment, the users will have limited capabilities to plug into your own existing data source. So, there is a requirement of a data source provisioning system. After the acquisition of a data source, the next step is to have a mechanism to access/manipulate the data in an efficient manner.

Anjana will discuss how WSO2 Storage Server can be used for data source provisioning in your environment, which will contain functionalities to create and manage relational databases and NoSQL data stores as well. He will also look at how WSO2 Data Services Server can be used to access that data, where it has more mobile friendly, native support for data formats such as JSON and RESTful data access.



Anjana Fernando Technical Lead, WSO2 Inc.

Anjana is a technical lead and focuses on the development of the WSO2 Data Services Server. He has carried out several onsite customer engagements, primarily focused on integration enabled by the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus.

He is a contributor to Apache Axis2, and participated in the Google Summer of Code 2006 where we worked on the Apache Mirae project in implementing a multimedia messaging service transport. He also has experience in mobile computing, service-oriented architecture for the European Union’s Information Society Technologies, and Java enterprise Web development.

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