Dual Channeling for Efficient File Processing

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  • By Asanka Abeysinghe
  • 30 May, 2011

Businesses often process large documents by passing them through a series of steps known as a workflow. However, workflow-processing creates a lot of network traffic and is usually inefficient and cumbersome for large files.

An emerging, favorable alternative to this method is duel channeling. Duel channeling makes use of two channels for document processing - one to carry the actual file and another to carry the metadata about the file. The new pattern is a variation of the well known enterprise integration pattern, “Claim Check”.

According to Asanka Abesinghe, the director of Solutions Architecture at WSO2, duel channeling is very well supported by the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus, which acts as both a file transfer gateway and also a metadata exchange. WSO2 recently implemented a solution using duel channeling, which leverages a number of WSO2 products such as the WSO2 ESB, WSO2 Business Rules Server and the WSO2 Business Process Server.

To read more about the dual channeling solution, its architecture and how it makes file-processing far more efficient and effective, read Asanka's recent blog post in WSO2 Solution Architecture Blog: Dual Channeling for Efficient File Processing