[Blog Post] Are you stuck in the old age with your legacy SOAP service?

  • By Amila Maharachchi
  • 10 Nov, 2017

If your company started its IT department about a decade or so ago, adopted SOA, etc. then you should be the owner of some legacy SOAP backend services which you are not proud of anymore. You may not have the guts or the blessings from your leadership to redo them matching the current trends in IT world. It can be due to the risk of redoing them completely and the cost too.

While you are stuck with it, you might be getting frequent requests asking for a more web-friendly set of services. If you want to reach more customers and let application developers innovate, it's difficult to do so with your legacy services.

In this blog Amila explores how WSO2 API Cloud can help you expose your SOAP services as RESTful APIs. Read his blog here.