[Blog Post] GDPR: The Law, The Myth, The Legend — 5 Common Misperceptions

  • By Sagara Gunathunga
  • 16 Feb, 2018

There’s much talk and debate around the implications of the EU’s newly established law, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The regulations, which go into effect May 2018, are essentially designed to harmonize data privacy laws across the European Union, reshaping how organizations across the region approach data privacy in order to protect and empower all EU citizens and residents.

Most organizations are already feeling the pinch and the real challenge – a tight deadline for compliance – has hit them hard. The repercussions are serious, with hefty penalties imposed on those who are out of compliance.

As the industry continues to get their GDPR bearings, this blog will discuss five common GDPR misconceptions and explore the reality around each.

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