9 Dec, 2014

[WSO2Con USA 2014] Harnessing WSO2 Flexibility to Build World-Class SaaS Offering for Petroleum Retail Industry

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Giovanni Carapelli,
Vice President Global Innovation & System Architecture, Gilbarco

In his role, Giovanni drives both ‘warp speed’ Innovation (across all products and regions) and strategic architecture coherence for all new platforms. He is also responsible for the GVR IP portfolio. Before moving to the US in 2013, he had been working since 19884 for Gilbarco Italy, in Florence, in many roles, ranging from Senior Software Engineer to Director for Global Innovation. He has designed the system architecture for many international breakthrough projects (Passport Europe, WISE, Mobile Payment, M3, and Vanguard). Giovanni holds more than 20 international patents. He is an active member of the Danaher Innovation community: Giovanni has chaired the DCI in 2010, and he has been awarded three times for the best presentation (2007, 2008, and 2013).


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