24 Jun, 2016

[WSO2Con EU 2016] Integrating People, Systems and Things in Yucca Data Platform

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Silvana Ponsero, Technology Specialist, CSI-Piemonte

Silvana is an IT professional with work experience in many Italian companies (CSI-Piemonte, Loquendo, SanPaolo IMI and Telesoft) operating in different sectors (public administration, banking and telecommunication). She has many professional competences and skills in ICT product design and implementation, and has worked as a data and functional analyst, system integrator, IT governance specialist, software and enterprise architect and technology specialist. Silvana has also obtained WSO2 certifications (WSO2 Certified API Manager Developer, WSO2 Certified ESB Developer) and TOGAF 9 certifications (TOGAF 9 Foundation, TOGAF 9 Certified).


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