19 Mar, 2017

[WSO2Con USA 2017] Introducing Ballerina

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WSO2 unveiled a preview version of Ballerina - a programming language with both textual and graphical syntaxes, designed to let anyone create integration flows by merely describing them as sequence diagrams. In this talk, Sanjiva provides an introduction to Ballerina, and discusses the rationale behind this new language, its features and capabilities and how it’s best used in enterprise integration scenarios. Try it now and experience its capabilities.


Sanjiva Weerawarana, Founder, CEO & Chief Architect, WSO2

Sanjiva is a long time open source developer and advocate and is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, an emeritus board member of the Open Source Initiative, and the founder and chief scientist of the Lanka Software Foundation. Prior to starting WSO2, he worked at IBM Research where he led the development of web services standards and technologies.


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