How to use Active Directory with WSO2 Carbon Based Products

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  • By Chamara Silva
  • 2 Jun, 2009

In this example, I will use the WSO2 Governance Registry product.

1. Download Governance Registry Binary

2. Extract Registry zip

3. Run wso2server.bat (Linux - file inside Registry/bin folder.

4. After starting the WSO2 Governance Registry, open up a browser window and type the following url:


if you are accessing from different machine, use https://machineIP:9443/carbon

5. you will see the following interface:

Login UI

6. Use following credentials to login

   user name = admin

   password = admin

7. To import active directory in to the WSO2 Governance Registry product, you have to use user management functionality. Now click user management link from menu available.



8. To enter active directory configurations, you have to use external user store fuctionality. Now click external user store link found on the user management page.


9. Select active directory option under 'External store type'.


10. you will see the following configuration page.

11. Now, you need to enter your active directory settings in this page.

      Here I will use my sample active directory settings:

      active directory name : -

      user name  =  Administrator

      server IP =

      active directory connection string  =  cn=Administrator,cn=users,dc=wso2,dc=lk  (this connection string you can request from your system administrator)

      acive directory password =  admin

using above information, fill in the external user store page as shown below:

  connection url - ldap://

  user DN - cn=Administrator,cn=users,dc=wso2,dc=lk

   connection password - admin

   connection password repeat -  admin

   base DN  dc=wso2,dc=lk



Click finish. You can now use active directory users within the WSO2 Governance Registry product.

Author - Suminda Chamara Silva - Senior Software Engineer(QA) - [email protected]