Introduction to OSGI/Equinox - Workshop at Eclipse India Summit

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  • By Sameera Jayasoma
  • 23 Jul, 2009

Eclipse Equinox is a plug-in system that allows developers to implement an application in a set of 'bundles' using common services and infrastructure. And the OSGi technology provides a service-oriented plug-in-based platform for application development. Since OSGi is a dynamic environment where bundles can be installed, started, stopped and uninstalled at runtime, Equinox-based servers use the OSGi runtime that provides a service abstraction and OSGi services map well to services in a SOA.

Equinox is considered to be a major contributor to the success of Eclipse on the client-side (RCP). But it is not limited to the client-side. It can be applied in a general way to build any kind of application, especially servers. For instance, you can extend the server with additional facility by installing extra bundles, like a log analyzer for your HTTP service. Both Equinox and OSGi are seeing a surge in interest from a wide range of communities from embedded - the traditional domain of OSGi, to desktop tools and applications to mobile devices and servers.

Sameera Jayasoma, a Software Engineer at WSO2, conducted a work shop in the recently concluded Eclipse India Summit 2009 covering OSGi modularization, declarative services, OSGi standard services, security, extensibility, classloading, JEE Integration (Tomcat, Spring), tooling and more.

Slides from the Presentation: Introduction to OSGI/Equinox - The Dynamic Module System for Java