A Pragmatic Approach to Microservice Architecture: The Role of Middleware

  • Mohamed Usama Mansoor
  • Lead - Revenue Operations - WSO2
  • 27 Jan, 2016
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A Pragmatic Approach to Microservice Architecture: The Role of Middleware

Wednesday, January 27, 2016
09:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PST)
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Microservice architecture (MSA) is fast becoming a popular architecture pattern in today’s agile enterprises. Its iterative architecture and development methodologies are attracting the interest of architects who need continuous delivery to fulfil business needs.

But, is every characteristic of MSA new or even pragmatic? Can MSA alone help you solve your enterprise challenges? Middleware plays a key role in successful MSA-based implementations. Using the correct middleware capabilities enable enterprises to fully leverage advantages provided by MSA, and ensures ease of implementation and faster time to market.

In this webinar Asanka Abeysinghe, the vice president of solutions architecture at WSO2, will discuss

  • Real-world examples that give insights into MSA requirements
  • Details of an architect-friendly pragmatic approach for MSA
  • Essential middleware capabilities required to resolve challenges in MSA
  • Where you can utilize supporting technology such as continuous integration, containerization and container as a service (CaaS)
  • How to leverage the WSO2 enterprise middleware and cloud platform to implement architectures designed using MSA


Asanka Abeysinghe Vice President - Solutions Architecture, WSO2

Asanka spearheads the company’s customer facing technical tasks and oversees the solution architecture and technical sales functions. He also provides consulting to key WSO2 customer and conducts workshops specifically targeted at enterprise architects and technical managers. Asanka has over 15 years of industry experience, which include implementing projects ranging from desktop and web applications through to highly scalable distributed systems and SOAs in the financial domain, mobile platforms, and business integration solutions. His areas of specialization include application architecture, development using Java technologies, C/C++ on Linux and Windows platforms.


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  • Mohamed Usama Mansoor
  • Lead - Revenue Operations
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