3 Dec, 2019

Beautifying the Beautiful: Theming WSO2 API Manager

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Beautifying the Beautiful: Theming WSO2 API Manager

Tuesday, December 3, 2019
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The portal apps play a significant role in designing and publishing APIs for API developers and enabling API consumers to discover and consume APIs. WSO2 API Manager 3.0 comes with complete portals conforming to a Single Page Application architecture using ReactJS. This architectural change brings lots of advantages, such as the modernized JS dependency system (NPM), improved packaging and build system (Webpack), and many more. These technologies allowed us to build versatile yet easily customizable portals.

This webinar will explore the architectural changes in the new portal applications and how you could customize them to facilitate your custom requirements.

Discussion topics include:

  • First level theming support to change many common issues without any hassle
  • Advanced customization
  • Theming for tenants


Chanaka Jayasena Technical Lead, WSO2
Chanaka Jayasena

Chanaka Jayasena is a Technical Lead in the WSO2 API Manager team, specializing in user experience and UI development. He has worked with many WSO2 projects, including WSO2 API Manager. He has also contributed to the new React base UI migration for WSO2 API Manager 3.0 from its incubation stage.

Kasun Thennakoon Associate Technical Lead, WSO2
Kasun Thennakoon

Kasun is an Associate Technical Lead in the WSO2 API Manager team. He was involved in product development and support for more than 3 years at WSO2.


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