On-Demand Webinar

A CXO Playbook to Accelerate Cloud-Enabled Financial Services Agility

Thursday, September 23, 2021


Lower costs and enabling faster responses to evolving consumer needs are key benefits of moving your technology to the cloud. This agility has become a competitive necessity in financial services, where digitally-native fintech firms have seen consumer adoption in Australia grow 100% every two years since 2015, according to EY*.

What key decisions can you make to bring smarter, more personalized propositions to market ahead of the competition (e.g., in use cases for lending, online investment advice, and SMEs)?

In this webinar, you will learn how to hone your investments in technologies such as cloud, integration, and security for agility, resiliency, and scale, with emerging best practices, standards, and strategic deployment and product development options. In doing so, Eric will draw both from global examples and his first-hand experience of over 35 years in enterprise architecture, including at Citibank, helping turn the potential of technology to meet time-to-market and productivity goals, while improving the digital user experience.

* EY’s Global FinTech Adoption Index 2019 available at https://assets.ey.com/content/dam/ey-sites/ey-com/en_gl/topics/financial-services/ey-global-fintech-adoption-index-2019.pdf

During the webinar, we will cover:

  • The latest strategic approaches helping technology and business teams in financial services to quickly assemble, scale, and fine-tune digital products to unlock the real value of cloud-native computing
  • Emerging standards and best practices on security and identity to combat vulnerabilities and data leakage incidents as systems open up to digital ecosystems and open banking
  • Case studies and lessons learnt globally from digital transformations and API platform and open banking deployments

Recommended for:

  • CXOs interested in building a competitive edge in emerging digital ecosystems
  • Technology and innovation leads tasked with designing and implementing new digitally-enabled financial services propositions for consumers and SMEs

Presented by

Eric Newcomer

Eric Newcomer

Chief Technology Officer, WSO2

Tass Melissinos

Tass Melissinos

Vice President & General Manager of ANZ, WSO2

Tass has 25-years of experience in IT sales leadership and strategy, regional territory client management, and operational sales management of digital integration and security solution platforms. He has extensive national and international IT industry solution sales experience with multiple senior roles played in global IT companies, which include IBM, Intel, TIBCO, CA Technologies, and Mobileiron Inc. In his current role, Tass is responsible for leading a dedicated regional team enabling customer digital transformation projects by leveraging WSO2’s enterprise integration and identity and access management platforms and solutions.