On-Demand Webinar

How to Build a Scalable, Distributed, Multi-Cloud API Architecture on Kubernetes

Wednesday, September 2, 2020


WSO2 API Manager provides cloud-native API management, where a user can expose microservices as managed APIs in cloud environments with no hassle. In an age where applications are increasingly adopting microservice architecture, it is obvious that container-orchestration systems such as Kubernetes have gained popularity due to the attractive functionality they offer to simplify a number of complex management tasks.

With WSO2 API Manager, now you can expose microservices as managed APIs in cloud environments such as Kubernetes. It automates a number of complex tasks such as application deployment, scaling, and management.

Exposing microservices in cloud environments with private jet mode provides a dedicated microgateway to handle each managed API. This will provide maximum security and guaranteed resource allocation for API execution. By attending this webinar, you will gain hands-on experience on how to expose microservices as managed APIs in cloud clusters in private jet mode where each API is managed by a dedicated microgateway.

During the webinar, we will cover:

  • Different deployment modes for APIs
  • The need for private jet mode for APIs
  • Value additions with Kubernetes/ API Manager integration
  • Live demo


Recommended for:

  • Architects
  • Developers

Presented by

Pubudu Gunatilaka

Pubudu Gunatilaka

Technical Lead, WSO2

Pubudu Gunatilaka is a technical lead in the WSO2 API Manager team, specializing in cloud technologies. Pubudu has experience with working in cloud technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Istio. He is a committer and a PMC member in the Apache Stratos PaaS project. Pubudu has worked with numerous customers to provide technical and architectural consultancy in building their API management solutions.

Shehani Rathnayake

Shehani Rathnayake

Software Engineer, WSO2

Shehani is a software engineer at WSO2. She is engaged in research and development for the API Manager team, mainly focusing on cloud technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker. She has been involved in numerous customer engagements and training sessions during her tenure in WSO2.