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Integrate TypingDNA Typing Biometrics on WSO2 CIAM Suite

Thursday, February 2, 2023


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Typing biometrics looks at a user’s behavior when they type on their keyboards and analyzes patterns in their behavior. After a user's typing pattern is enrolled, the technology can passively authenticate their identity to ensure that only authorized users have access to relevant data.

WSO2 customers can now enjoy an additional layer of comprehensive and robust protection against sophisticated cyber threats, all while providing a great user experience based on the innate actions of the user.

During the webinar, we will cover:

  • Benefits of Typing Biometrics
  • How to secure and frictionless authentication with typing biometrics
  • Live demonstration

Recommended for:

  • CISOs / CIOs
  • Solution architects
  • Developers

Presented by

Omindu Rathnaweera

Omindu Rathnaweera

Senior Technical Lead, Engineering, WSO2

Omindu is a Senior Technical Lead at WSO2 identity and access management team. He oversees the engineering team that is responsible for expanding the integration ecosystem for WSO2 Identity Server and Asgardeo. With over 8 years of experience in the identity and access management domain, Omindu has expertise in the design and development of IAM products as well as building IAM solutions for customers and prospects.

Raul Popa

Raul Popa

CEO, Co-founder, and Data Scientist, TypingDNA

Raul Popa is the CEO, Co-founder, and Data Scientist at TypingDNA — an award-winning cybersecurity startup that authenticates people by how they type on computers and mobile devices. Typing biometrics technology is currently used in our suite of Continuous Authentication and 2FA products. Raul and TypingDNA have won multiple awards and were featured in TechCrunch, Forbes, VentureBeat, TheNextWeb, ProductHunt, FinancialTimes, and other top publications. Raul was recognized in the Top 60 AI Influencers from Eastern Europe and was featured in the Top 100 New Europe list of influencers. As a tech innovator, Raul speaks about AI, Biometrics, Identity Access Management, and entrepreneurship at global events such as TEDx, Applied Machine Learning Days, World Summit AI, International Biometric Summit, Future of AI (at European Parliament), How To Web, TechFest, and many others. Connect with Raul on LinkedIn and Twitter or at https://www.typingdna.com/