On-Demand Webinar

Open and Smart Data - Are your APIs Capable of Handling Future Changes?

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Today, data is at the heart of practically everything we do. The Smart Data initiative, being actively promoted by BEIS, is an upcoming regulatory effort to improve how data may be used to benefit consumers and SMEs across sectors in the UK including banking, finance, communications and energy.

The financial industry's use of open banking is proof that data portability can be leveraged to make businesses more efficient, more innovative with the services they provide, improve marketplace competitiveness, and transform the customer experience. Can this approach be taken by other industries? And if so, how do you leverage the advantages brought about by Open and Smart Data with API management?

We've put together a webinar addressing these crucial points, including how technologies like streaming APIs could play a key role in enabling organisations with real-time delivery of data, events, or updates securely to maximize the benefits of Smart Data for consumers and businesses of all sizes.


During the webinar, we will cover:

  • Understanding the UK government’s Smart Data Initiative
  • The role of technologies like API platforms and streaming APIs in optimizing how you leverage Smart Data
  • Technical strategies to balance the use of real-time data, agility, security and data management to enhance business results

Recommended for:

  • Architects managing and designing systems to deliver data security, systems resiliency, third party collaboration and business innovation.
  • Product managers and business leads exploring rapid prototyping and scaling new products and collaboration with third parties.
  • CxOs interested in the better use of data to deliver business results and building a competitive edge in emerging digital ecosystems.

Presented by

Christoper Davey

Christoper Davey

Senior Director - Solutions Architecture, WSO2

Chris is a Senior Director of Solution Architecture at WSO2 based in the London office and heads the global integration SA Team. Prior to joining WSO2 Chris worked for one of the largest UK Government agencies. He has over 20 years of experience in large enterprise software architecture, design, development, and operations. One of his key achievements was setting up and leading a new integration delivery group, growing the team from 5 people to 140 in 3 years. The team implemented modern DevOps practices and cloud based environments, and adopted agile delivery and development practices. This team now designs, develops, and operates integration platforms critical to the operation of UK government infrastructure.

Chathura Kulasinghe

Chathura Kulasinghe

Lead Solutions Engineer, WSO2

Chathura is part of the WSO2 Solutions Architecture team. He is currently based in the UK office and mainly helps customers across Europe. He is actively involved in WSO2 workshops, meetups, and training as a speaker/facilitator and frequently engages in customer visits in the region to help with architectural reviews and discussions. Chathura joined WSO2 in 2012 and has 14 years of experience in the industry. Prior to joining WSO2 he also worked as a software engineer in the banking industry where he was actively involved in enterprise application development and using middleware.