On-Demand Webinar

On-Demand Webinar

Responsible CIAM: Architecting High Security and Flexibility in Consumer Engagements

CIAM solutions must be strategically architected to cost-effectively address key business requirements and easily expand to address future growth while effectively attracting and retaining consumer audiences.

This informative presentation gives you actionable guidance on the best CIAM approaches when designing and implementing a foundational CIAM solution that consistently achieves business goals for consumer engagements. This webinar covers:

  • Achieving security assurance without inhibiting consumer experiences
  • Adopting solutions that are the right size for your business today but will easily scale to grow with your business tomorrow
  • Choosing a CIAM deployment model (i.e., on-premises, cloud, or hybrid) that best meets your organizational requirements
  • Customizing CIAM implementations without introducing unmanageable complexities
  • Orchestrating consumer-facing services that will increase online traffic, registrations, customer retentions, sales conversion rates, and overall customer satisfaction
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Recommended for: Solution Architects, CXO’s and Senior Managers

Presented by:
Steve Brasen, Director Enterprise Management Associates (EMA),
Bob Bentley, Director of Product Marketing, WSO2,