On-Demand Webinar

Which APIs? Which Business Models? A Real-World Guide for African Banks

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

In collaboration with, Bring Global.

The adoption of APIs and microservices in the banking sector has seen rapid growth. While internal APIs are now commonplace, open APIs for collaboration with fintech and other partners grew 269% globally and 800% in Africa in 2020 alone according to Platformable.

Driven by expectations of convenience and personalized experiences by a young digitally savvy consumer base, demand for access to financial services by the unbanked, and the broad impacts of COVID, banks are prioritizing transformation initiatives. These are most often built around a foundation of API-based technical platforms, new business models, and internal cultural realignment.

Through this webinar, learn how banks of different sizes within the African financial services ecosystems can choose between different API-enabled business models to cut costs, streamline internal workflows and deliver better consumer experiences.

During the webinar, we will cover:

  • Understanding emerging API-based business models for banks
  • The steps towards maturity in API adoption in the banking industry
  • Choosing an API strategy and business model suitable to your bank’s unique goals and commercial situation
  • Case studies and lessons learned from API platform and open banking deployments locally here in Kenya and globally by WSO2 and Bring Global

Recommended for:

  • CxOs interested in streamlining internal processes and building a competitive edge in emerging digital ecosystems.
  • Technology and innovation leads tasked with designing and implementing digital transformation initiatives.

Presented by

Christopher Davey

Christopher Davey

Senior Director - Solutions Architecture, WSO2

Chris is a Senior Director of Solution Architecture at WSO2 based in the London office. Prior to joining WSO2 Chris worked for one of the largest UK Government agencies. He has over 17 years of experience in large enterprise software architecture, design, development, and operations. One of his most recent achievements has been setting up and leading a new integration delivery group, implementing modern DevOps practices and environments, and adopting agile delivery and development practices. This team now designs, develops, and operates integration platforms critical to the operation of UK government infrastructure.

Paulo Goulão

Paulo Goulão

Partner Data Solutions, Bring Global

Paulo Goulão joined Bring Global in 2015 and has an expansive career as an IT senior executive in several top-level organizations. Prior to joining Bring, Paulo worked for Oracle where he held several increasingly senior positions that include Consulting Practice Manager. He has vast experience leading, managing, and implementing projects in different geographies focused on helping customers to evolve their businesses and achieve their strategic goals. Paulo holds a diploma in Computer Science from the University of Lisbon.

Steve Lubia

Steve Lubia

Managing Partner Sub-Saharan Africa, Bring Global

An avid entrepreneur passionate about Digital financial services, Steve is consistently pursuing continuous innovation within Bring Global that will continue to enable enterprise customers to meet business objectives in the financial services world through the delivery of digital business solutions which support financial inclusion and seamless integration of these solutions to operating business models and lifestyles of consumers. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management, UK, and a graduate of the United States International University having held various Business development and managerial roles in previous roles at Hewlett Packard and the Oracle Corporation respectively.