29 Sep, 2013

[WSO2Con US 2013] A Case Study Using WSO2 Middleware in an Enterprise SOA Infrastructure in Support of a US Military Weapon System

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In this presentation, Joellen delivers a case study describing how WSO2 middleware was applied to a US military weapon system. Faced with unsustainable maintenance costs and a decades-old design paradigm, the existing system was completely re-designed as an enterprise SOA infrastructure. Joellen will present an overview of the system requirements, solution design, and the WSO2 middleware core architecture. The presentation will include the architecture, design, and how this design was enabled by using open source middleware, and the adherence of the middleware to open standards. While a very intriguing and forward looking story, the presentation will contain no classified information, and will comply with all AECA and ITAR requirements.



Joellen Rose

Joellen has experience in providing software systems engineering support for the US military. After completing a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering at the United States Naval Academy, she served as a Nuclear Surface Warfare Officer.

Since separating from active duties, she has worked in the Marine Renewable Energy industry, and as an analyst supporting the Commander of US Navy Surface Forces. She also holds a Master’s in Engineering Management.

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