29 Sep, 2013

[WSO2Con US 2013] Advanced API Management Tactics

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You already know that API Manager can help you expose, secure and monitor APIs. In this session, we will explain how much more you can achieve, leveraging the WSO2 platform:

  • How the API Manager can generate and cache JWT/SAML tokens for back-end consumption
  • How you can enhance the API gateway to be much more than a reverse proxy
  • How you can associate API Manager with an Identity Server to further authorize API access
  • How you can leverage our CEP server to react to API calls patterns

All of these scenarios will be illustrated using a live demo.



Isabelle Mauny
Director, Product Management, WSO2

Isabelle brings to her role nearly 20 years of technology, consulting, and management experience in Java, application development, middleware, and service-oriented architecture. She recently managed the API Manager beta program and has been helping customers around the globe adopting this product.

In her role, she works closely with the WSO2 engineering, sales, and marketing teams. She strongly believes that successful product management requires a great understanding of our customers and the problems they hope to resolve, as well as a strong understanding of the products themselves. Hence, Isabelle regularly participates in WSO2 QuickStart programs and services engagements.

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