30 Sep, 2013

[WSO2Con US 2013] Identity Management Best Practices with WSO2 Identity Server

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The world of Identity and Access management is most often than not seen as a domain of jargons that not many tech folks can comprehend. How do these standards relate with one another? What standards are needed for your enterprise? What standards do WSO2 Identity Server support? Can WSO2 Identity Server be set up in your ecosystem without bringing about any disruption?

In this session, Johann will give you a glimpse of how WSO2 Identity Server can seamlessly integrate with your existing enterprise middleware and application software, which could encompass web, mobile and desktop clients, centrally manage and expose your user identities as services, and verify, control and audit access by them.



Johann Nallathamby
Senior Software Engineer, WSO2

Johann is a Sun Certified Java Programmer and is currently reading for his certification in management accountancy from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Prior to WSO2, he completed an internship at WaveNET International (Pvt.) Ltd where he was a part of the SMSC team and is an expert in the area of logging aspects of the SS7 infrastructure for SMS. As his final year project, Johann worked on deBas – a Sinhala Interactive Voice Response system. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering.

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