7 Oct, 2013

[WSO2Con US 2013] Keynote: Cutting-edge IT at Boeing: Transforming Commercial Aviation Using WSO2

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Boeing is generally known as the world’s largest aerospace company and aircraft manufacturer. But in addition to being a leader in aerospace world, Boeing also has a major business unit working on the cutting edge of information technology. In a highly-regulated, safety-focused and hyper-competitive industry like aviation, information sharing is of paramount importance – yet security and protection of highly sensitive data is equally critical. To address this challenge, Boeing built the Digital Aviation Platform using WSO2. The cloud-based Digital Aviation Platform is where Boeing integrates its products and services to connect its decades of OEM aircraft data with airline back office systems. The result? Integrated solutions that power airline operations and improve decision making through advanced analytics. In this talk, we'll explore the business drivers behind the project, the challenges met and overcome during design and implementation and the strengths and challenges of WSO2 as a foundation.



Jim Crabbe
Sr. Product Manager, Boeing

Jim started with the Boeing Company in 2011 leading product strategy and development efforts for MyBoeingFleet.com, the world’s largest and most prolific aviation services portal. In that role he led the full product lifecycle for products and capabilities involving Identity and Access Management, Business Intelligence, and Portal technologies.

He currently leads a team of product managers at the Boeing Company to define and deliver a multitenant, cloud enabled Platform as a Service offering designed to power the next generation of aviation software products.

Prior to his work at the Boeing Company, Jim has actively developed innovative technology solutions and products for over 15 years. He has experience building solutions for companies ranging in size from his own startups to Fortune 500 enterprises.

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