26 Sep, 2013

[WSO2Con US 2013] Re-design Enterprise IT with WSO2 App Factory and WSO2 Cloud

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Disruptive technology forces coupled with increasing business revenue and growth demands provide the catalyst for examining how to redesign Enterprise IT into a more responsive and agile organization. Re-designing Enterprise IT culture, practices, and architecture is incredibly difficult. The way to shift the status quo and improve delivery is through grassroots adoption, best practice mentoring, and making the right path the easy path. In this session, Chris will describe how to successfully re-design Enterprise IT practices, achieve responsive iterations, gain effective collaboration, and streamline processes by adopting WSO2 App Factory and WSO2 Cloud.



Chris Haddad VP, Technology Evangelism,WSO2

Chris is responsible for raising visibility, awareness, and knowledge of the unique advantages provided by WSO2’s lean, fully componentized, open source middleware for on-premise and in the cloud.

He works closely with developers, architects, and C-level executives to increase WSO2 technology adoption, improve the middleware platform, and maximize customer value. He also works with the engineering team to define the product roadmaps for WSO2’s Carbon and Stratos platforms.

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