29 Sep, 2013

[WSO2Con US 2013] Weapons Free: Open Source Solutions to Programmatic and Operational Challenges Faced by the Defense and Intelligence Communities in the Age of Sequestration

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This session explores major challenges faced by technology acquisition organizations in an era of shrinking government budgets and legislated spending caps. It will also provide case studies of innovative solutions enabled by open source software. Topics that will be covered include (but may not be limited to): a. The Legal and Policy Basis for Government Use of Open Source Software, b. Transformation of Legacy Systems, c. Integration of Legacy Capabilities, d. Cross-Organizational Data Integration, e. Improving Cyber Warfare Posture. The information provided will be unclassified and compliant with US export control laws and regulations.



Adam Firestone Director, Defense and Government Solutions, WSO2

Adam works across the scope of the WSO2 team to understand and craft technology solutions for the unique challenges faced by military, intelligence and government organizations.

He works closely with developers, architects and C-Level executives to increase the footprint and value offered by open-source software in general and WSO2 products specifically to the military and defense communities. He also works with the engineering team to ensure that WSO2’s product and technology roadmaps retain and develop features situated to support emerging defense and government requirements.

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