Sample Questions

What module needs to be imported in order to make use of the Gmail Connector?

  • a) wso2/gmail
  • b) ballerina/config
  • c) ballerina/gmail
  • d) ballerina/http

Answer: a

FTP Listener cannot be used to:

  • a) Poll for new files on a file server
  • b) Trigger a resource action when a file is added to a file server
  • c) Upload files to a file server
  • d) Get the list of removed files from a file server

Answer: c

Select the appropriate Enterprise Integration Pattern (EIP) that can be used to read the content of a message and route it to a specific recipient based on its content.

  • a) Dynamic Routing
  • b) Content-based Routing
  • c) Message Broker
  • d) Scatter-gather Messaging

Answer: b

How can you pull a template from Ballerina Central?

  • a) Pull manually using ballerina pull -t <template_name> command
  • b) Create a project using Ballerina Integrator VS Code Dashboard where the relevant template will be automatically pulled.
  • a) Only a is correct
  • b) Only b is correct
  • c) Both a and b are correct
  • d) None of them are correct

Answer: c

Which of the following is not required when setting up credentials for accessing Salesforce?

  • a) Refresh Token URL
  • b) Client ID
  • c) Client secret
  • d) API key

Answer: d

Which of the following is/are not a mandatory field/s for configuring the JDBC Client?

  • a) JDBC URL
  • b) Pool options
  • c) Password
  • d) DB Options

Answer: b and d

Which command is used to create the Kubernetes deployment?

  • a) kubectl new
  • b) kubectl apply
  • c) kubectl get ingress
  • d) kubectl get pods

Answer: b

Which of the following is an optional parameter when defining a Kafka Consumer configuration?

  • a) properties
  • b) requestTimeout
  • c) partitionAssignmentStrategy
  • d) All of the above

Answer: d

How does Ballerina support distributed logging and analysis?

  • a) Using Elastic Stack
  • b) Using Jaegar
  • c) Using Prometheus
  • d) Using Logstash

Answer: a