Sample Questions

Streaming Data Integration - Streams and Events

Which statement about Stream Processing is incorrect?

  • a)Stream Processing is a Big Data technology.
  • b) Batch processing is another name for Stream Processing.
  • c) Real-time processing can be defined as a subset of Stream Processing.
  • d) Stream processing can be applied to identify the abnormal response time in an API.

Streaming Data Integration - Real Use Cases

What can be considered a Streaming integration scenario?

  • a. Realtime ETL
  • b. Authenticating a user with a username and a password.
  • c. Providing APIs to handle online orders from customers.
  • d. An air traffic controlling system.

Consuming Events - General

Which statement is true when defining a stream to receive events from SI?

  • a) "A defined source can be used with several streams"
  • b) "Several sources can be defined to be used with one stream”
  • c) "A one to one mapping should be available within sources and sinks at all times"
  • d) "A source can be defined without a stream"

Consuming Events - Extracting from DBs

Which statement about databases is correct?

  • a. "They can be used to enrich data"
  • b. "They can be used to transform data"
  • c. "They can be used to filter data"
  • d. All of the above.

Processing Data - Transforming Events

What is not considered a transformation?

  • a. Concatenating two attributes.
  • b. Filtering based on an attribute.
  • c. Converting an attribute value (kg to lb).
  • d. Removing an attribute .

Processing Data - Aggregating Events

Select the item which is not an aggregate attribute operator.

  • a. sum
  • b. avg
  • c. total
  • d. count

Integrate with Destinations - Persist into DBs or Files

What is not a parameter of the siddhi-store-rdbms connector?

  • a. jdbc.url
  • b. username
  • c.
  • d.

Integrate with Destinations - Publish as data streams to destinations

What are the supported authentication methods in the HTTP connector?

  • a. Basic, OAuth 2.0
  • b. Basic, OAuth 1.0, OAuth 2.0
  • c. Basic, JWT, OAuth 2.0
  • d. Basic, OAuth 1.0, OAuth 2.0, JWT

Deployment - Minimum HA

What is not a main configuration that is required in order to set up a minimum HA cluster?

  • a. Cluster Configuration
  • b. Persistent Configuration
  • c. HA Configuration
  • d. Data Agent Configuration

Processing Data - Enriching Events

Which operator cannot be used within a Join query?

  • a. on
  • b. having
  • c. []
  • d. ->