Connected Finance Reference Architecture

With advances in technology, a customer’s requirement is not just good customer service; they’re constantly looking for ways to easily interact with their respective banks on the go and carry out all banking transactions online. Customers today want to feel empowered and want to do things on their own, prompting banks to increasingly incorporate the concept of self service for all banking requirements.

Customers today are also opting for systems that are socially connected as well as simple and useful.

On the other hand, while financial enterprises would aim to provide an efficient service to their customers, they have their own technology challenges that need to be addressed as well. In the long run, financial enterprises’ ultimate goal would be to develop a next- generation financial infrastructure that will seamlessly connect with all the backend systems in place and in turn, offer value added services to customers.

This white paper will discuss

  • Prevailing enterprise challenges in the financial industry
  • Importance of connectivity and event-driven architecture to address these requirements
  • Key components of a connected finance reference architecture