Rethink the Modern Application

How to Think Like a Cloud-Native Engineer

Cloud-native computing is more than an evolutionary step. It represents a true paradigm shift that changes everything we know about how to code, engineer, integrate, architect, run, manage, and secure modern applications. Moreover, this approach is just not about a set of technologies to adopt; it also reflects a change in an organization’s structure, processes, and culture. In this white paper, Jason Bloomberg, the founder and president of digital transformation analyst firm Intellyx, helps you understand the five critical ‘mind shifts’ people need to undergo in order to gain an appreciation for the full import of cloud native.

Rethink the Modern Application

You’ll explore:

  • How low-code/no-code is making inroads in the enterprise
  • How GitOps enables organizations to extend software development best practices to software deployment and operations
  • The API economy and why you need to consider service meshes
  • Microservices architecture and why cloud-native computing requires a new order of architectural maturity
  • The rise of DevSecOps and why you must make security a key priority in a cloud-native world