Managing Complexity for Cloud Native Applications

Cloud-native computing applies the best practices of the cloud to building and running modern, scalable applications. When done right there are many benefits, including elastic scale, reliability, and lower costs. But cloud-native is complex, and hard to get right.

In this white paper, Jason Bloomberg, the founder and president of digital transformation analyst firm Intellyx, explores how you can get a handle on such complexity using Ballerina, an open-source programming language, and Choreo, a digital platform as a service.

Managing Complexity for Cloud Native Applications

By the end of this whitepaper you’ll understand:

  • Why cloud-native computing requires a rethink of integration and application development and operations
  • The pros and cons of low-code, pro-code, and cloud native application development
  • Ballerina: a programming language with an integration-centric approach to building cloud-native applications and APIs
  • Choreo: a digital platform as a service that focuses on cloud-native application, integration, and API development