WSO2 Brand


The Logo

Clear Space

We want to keep our logo clear and eye-catching by giving it breathing room. Avoid blocking it with graphics, text, or anything else that muddles its identity.

Surround the logo on all sides with a "clear zone" equal to the width of the number "2" in the logo (like the "X" here). This space scales with the logo size, always ensuring clean visibility.

WSO2 Logo Clearspace

Minimum Size

Stick to a minimum length of 50px (0.7in). Smaller than that, and it's off-limits. Ideally, use it at 75px (1.0in) or bigger for maximum impact.

WSO2 Logo measurement area

Recommended Small Size for Print

WSO2 Logo ideal small size

75px (1.0 inch)

Minimum Approved Size for Print

WSO2 Logo minimum size

50px (0.7 inch)

Too Small for Print

WSO2 Logo too small

Below 50px (0.7 inch)

Color Usage

Against dark backgrounds, invert the logo for a clear view. On light backgrounds, stick with the normal version.

WSO2 Logo in light color
WSO2 Logo in dark color

Logo Colors

Nail the WSO2 look with the right colors.

Ideally: Use Pantone for precision.

No Pantone? CMYK works too.

Digital? Grab the RGB code.

Remember: Colors might differ, so keep the official Pantone as your guide.

Web #000000
RGB 0/0/0
CMYK 100/100/100/100

Web #ff7300
RGB 255/115/0
CMYK 0/67/100/0
Pantone® 2018 C

RGB 255/255/255
CMYK 0/0/0/0

Respect the Logo: Keep it Untouched and Clear

Our logo tells our story. Keep it pure and visible wherever it goes. Don't mess with it—no changing colors, stretching its shape, or hiding it in clutter. Let it shine!

WSO2 Logo improper use

Don’t change the color combination.

WSO2 Logo improper use

Use the right background colors.

WSO2 Logo improper use

Don’t set the logo against busy backgrounds.

WSO2 Logo improper use

Don’t stretch or distort the logo.

WSO2 Logo improper use

Don’t position the logo vertically or at an angle.

WSO2 Logo improper use

Don’t add shadows or gradients.

Monochrome Logo

Can't use the full-color logo? No problem. Switch to the monochrome version.

Remember: All the usual logo rules still apply.