To ensure our logo is the most highly visible whenever used, it’s important to have plenty of clearspace surrounding the logo. This specifically refers to graphics, type and other elements that could clutter and distract from the identity.

It must be surrounded on all sides by an adequate clearspace—a space equal in size to the width of the number “2” in the logo, as shown below denoted by the X. This proportion scales according to the logo size itself, allowing for proper clearspace at any size.

WSO2 Logo Clearspace

Minimum Size

Care must be taken in reproduction of the WSO2 logo. At small sizes the artwork loses integrity, therefore reflecting badly on the brand.

The minimum length should be no less than 50px (0.7 inch) , and usage below 50px is not allowed. But the ideal minimum length is 75px (1.0 inch).

WSO2 Logo measurement area

Ideal Small Sizes Print

WSO2 Logo ideal small size

75px (1.0 inch) length

Minimum Approved Sizes Print

WSO2 Logo minimum size

50px (0.7 inch) length

Too Small for Print Reproduction

WSO2 Logo too small

Below 50px (0.7 inch) length

Color Usage

If the WSO2 logo is on a darker background the logo should be clearly visible and use the inverted logo, for the lighter backgrounds use the normal logo.

WSO2 Logo in light color
WSO2 Logo in dark color

Logo colors

The coloration of the WSO2 logo is an essential element in setting a recognizable tone and look for identity. Consistent use of color enhances the strength of the identity.

The primary color for the logo is an orange which is accompanied by a black and white.

As a rule, the Pantone colors represent the most exact matches of the brand colors, and should be used primarily. Alternatively, CMYK values can be used when Pantone is not available. For onscreen uses (presentations, email and other digital applications) the RGB values should be used.

Colors vary between platforms and mediums. as a rule, the pantone coated chip should be used. as a master.

Web #000000
RGB 0/0/0
CMYK 100/100/100/100

Web #ff7300
RGB 255/115/0
CMYK 0/67/100/0
Pantone® 2018 C

RGB 255/255/255
CMYK 0/0/0/0

Improper use of WSO2 logo

The WSO2 logo should always be seen clearly and consistently. Altering or recreating the WSO2 logo in any way is not allowed. When using the logo avoid the following mistakes.

WSO2 Logo improper use

Do not change color combination.

WSO2 Logo improper use

Use proper background colors.

WSO2 Logo improper use

Do not use the logo on busy backgrounds.

WSO2 Logo improper use

Don’t stretch or distort the logo.

WSO2 Logo improper use

Do not position the logo vertically or on an angle.

WSO2 Logo improper use

Don't add shadows or gradients to the logos.

Monochrome logo

In the situations where the original logo can not be used on a given background or a print medium, the WSO2 monochrome logo can be used.

All the above mentioned guidelines for the WSO2 original logo are also apply for the monochrome logo.