Simplify Access for Enterprise Customers and Partners

Enable secure access for your B2B business customers and their consumers with flexible organization management capabilities.

WSO2 B2B CIAM is available via multi-tenant SaaS, installable software or private cloud deployments.

Simplify Access for Enterprise Customers and Partners

What is B2B CIAM?

Organizations that work with business customers, franchises, distributors and suppliers need digital customer experience (CX) apps to run their business. B2B CIAM is the identity foundation that helps organizations get their apps and services to market quickly and securely.

Separate Customer Experience Tenancies

Easily create and manage distinct, segregated CX tenancies for each business customer to increase security and privacy.

Custom Access Policies

Let each customer organization define its own security policies such as access roles, login journeys, and choice of identity provider.

Delegated Administration

Empower your customer organizations to run their own admin functions including user onboarding.

Critical questions you should ask when considering a B2B CIAM solution

  • Will it work for how we do business as well as how our commercial customers do theirs?
  • Will it ensure a smart, streamlined, and secure user experience for our commercial customers and their consumers?
  • Will it be easy to use and manage, even on a large scale?
  • Will it be safe, reliable, and well-supported?
  • Will it be affordable now and in the future?

Pursue Innovative Business Models

There’s no limit to all the ways in which businesses work together. In B2B CIAM, organizations need to create innovative, low-friction customer experiences that can be delivered through many different organizational hierarchy models.

WSO2’s B2B CIAM enables a secure, low-friction digital experience across all your partners, franchises, affiliates, and subsidiaries, regardless of their organizational structure.


Business to business, for organizations whose customers are other businesses, not individuals.


Business to business to consumer, for organizations that serve their own customers through independent partners.


For organizations with their own direct customers plus partners or franchises, or any other combination.

Critical Capabilities for B2B CIAM

These critical organization management tools add to the traditional set of core CIAM features needed for any effective customer experience.

Separate, dedicated tenancies

To ensure maximum security, privacy, and independence, customer organizations need distinct, segregated tenancies.

Simple onboarding for tenant organizations and users

Streamlined onboarding processes for tenant organizations and users ensures high scalability and low administration effort.

Delegated administration

Tenant organizations need the freedom to administer the full lifecycle of their own users and sub-organizations.

BYO identity provider

Straightforward federation with tenant organizations’ own IdP enables them to leverage their existing investment in identity and access tools.

Customized login flows

Tenant organizations need the ability to easily select and configure their own login methods, adaptive authentication policies, MFA processes, and more.

Role-based access control

Manage which users can access which services in a scalable, organized manner through roles, groups, and attributes.

Customized branding

Organization tenants require CIAM tools that are consistent with their brand and internet domain structure

Flexibility to adapt to any structure and scale

Flexibility to accommodate B2B, B2B2C, or any combination. Power to scale thousands of organization tenancies and millions of end users.

Leading Organizations Worldwide Trust WSO2 for B2B CIAM

Case Study

Nutanix Enhances Experience of Rapidly Growing User Base With Single Sign-on Using WSO2 Identity Server

Nutanix leverages WSO2 B2B CIAM to deliver storage and compute infrastructure to over 4000 customer organizations in 90 countries. WSO2 enables seamless SSO across portals and mobile apps for customers, partners, community and employees.

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Customer Spotlight

Secure IoT Portal Enables Customers to Manage 100M+ Vehicles, Smart Devices, and More

Vodafone uses WSO2 B2B CIAM to secure the world’s largest IoT portal, enabling partners such as BMW, VW, Yamaha, and Amazon to deliver SIM services to their 100M+ customers, so their vehicles and devices can connect to the internet.

WSO2 Is Your Ideal B2B CIAM Partner

Proven Success Globally

WSO2 has over 17 years of experience working alongside many of the world’s most recognizable global organizations to deliver successful B2B CIAM solutions.

Securely open your customer experience to enterprise customers and partners

Experience has shown that in B2B CIAM, it’s critical to align with the customer’s IT strategies. WSO2 offers B2B CIAM in three powerful ways to match how your organization operates:


Multi-tenant IDaaS that helps developers add critical CIAM features to their customer experience apps in minutes, not weeks.

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Identity Server

A powerful, modern identity and access management solution for your on-premises or cloud environment.

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Private Identity Cloud

A single-tenant private cloud solution that helps you jumpstart your B2B CIAM project to get to market faster.

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Designed by Developers, for Developers

By its very nature, B2B CIAM requires customization and adaptation to meet the needs of tenant organizations. WSO2’s solutions have always been built with customization in mind, including features such as:

Unmatched Extensibility

A modular, standards-based, API-centric architecture that offers unparalleled levels of extensibility, customization, and integration with other business-critical systems

Straightforward Customization

Built-in extension points and easily modifiable processes for onboarding, registration, user self-service, login, risk adaptive authentication, and more

Rich Developer Resources

A wide range of SDKs, integrations, and code samples to ensure your developer team can use their preferred tools and be productive fast

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WSO2’s IAM suite is a world-class, developer-focused solution that secures your workforce, customers, business partners, and APIs. Available in your choice of installable software, IDaaS, single-tenant private cloud, or open source code.

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