Exceptional Digital Customer Experience is Based on Secure Identity

WSO2’s IAM Suite is a world-class, developer focused solution that simplifies creating unique and compelling digital experiences.

Available in multi-tenant IDaaS, installable software, or single-tenant private cloud deployment options.

CIAM Without Compromise

Don’t let your customer identity solution limit your CX vision

WSO2 is committed to ensuring your CX project success today and in the future. We’re the CIAM solution that doesn’t force you to settle for less than what you need to achieve your vision.

Realize your ultimate CX vision without complicated development

Secure peace of mind without sacrificing ease-of-use

You can have both. Banish user frustration by using security that’s nearly invisible until needed – helping you achieve lower abandonment rates and drive higher revenue.

Accelerate time-to-market in any market

Realize your ultimate CX vision without complicated development

Our platform was made for developers, by developers. We deliver the tools, resources, and community to give your dev team a head start and a clear path. Some say it’s an unfair competitive advantage.

Leverage and grow your customer base

Deploy how and where you need

Your IT architecture might be complicated, mixing SaaS, on-prem, private cloud, and managed services. Your CIAM’s deployment options need to work for you, not against you. With WSO2, you choose how and where you want it.

Pricing, IP, and branding control.
                  High margins.

Scale your customers, not your costs

WSO2 powers some of the world’s largest CX deployments, but we don’t penalize our customers’ growth with rising prices. WSO2 remains affordable as you grow, all the way up to the consumer/citizen scale.

Great companies worldwide rely on WSO2 for CIAM

Over 0B

Identities managed


Commercial Deployments

Finance Healthcare Government Retail Technology Telco Education Automotive Hospitality

Features at a Glance

Critical building blocks for your digital customer experience

Use these pre-configured features, or adapt them to your needs with WSO2’s unique extensibility

User Self-Service

  • Empower your users to manage their own profile information.

Identity Bridging

  • Logically join different identity systems (such as what happens after a merger or acquisition) to ensure a seamless experience for all your customers.

Turbocharge your CX with these unique benefits

Give your Developers an Unfair Advantage

  • Developer tools, documentation, code samples and more let developers focus on building their apps, not identity infrastructure

Integrate with Every Business System

  • Deep integration capabilities enable developers to create personalized, engaging, data-driven user experience

Unleash the Power of the API

  • API-centric architecture simplifies everything, from interoperability to reuse and easy maintenance of code.

Deploy How You Need

  • Choose installable software, multi-tenant IDaaS/SaaS, or single-tenant private cloud deployment to match your specific requirements.

Choose how you’ll put WSO2’s IAM solutions to work for your CIAM project

Don’t let your customer identity solution limit your CX vision

WSO2 offers multiple deployment options to help meet customers’ unique requirements. Not sure which option will best serve your needs? Contact our team for expert guidance.

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Realize your ultimate CX vision without complicated development

Installable software

WSO2 Identity Server - Best for organizations that want ultimate control over where and how their solution is deployed. Identity Server can be deployed on premises or in customers’ chosen cloud environment.

Learn more about WSO2 Identity Server
Accelerate time-to-market in any market

Multi-tenant IDaaS

Asgardeo by WSO2 - Best for organizations that prefer SaaS, with instant-on capabilities, zero infrastructure responsibility and minimal administration.

Learn more about Asgardeo by WSO2
Leverage and grow your customer base

Single-tenant private cloud

WSO2 Private Identity Cloud - Best for organizations that need the convenience of an externally managed service, with the added benefits of dedicated instance single-tenancy.

Learn more about WSO2 Private Identity Cloud