WSO2 Micro Integrator

Integrate APIs, services, and data from a variety of systems — including SaaS, proprietary, and legacy systems — using our powerful integration engine with a low-code graphical designer. Deploy as microservices, to the Choreo iPaaS, or as a centralized ESB.


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In terms of software, we are extremely pleased with how quickly product updates are made and deployed for use. This has resulted in a seamless experience for both the company and our tenants.

Senthoor Punnaimoorthy,
Principal Architect – Architecture CoE,

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Collaborating with WSO2 has been a great decision as they provide world-class solutions, which have led to a positive impact on our business. Like their products, they are always on whenever we need them.

Bilgehan Yildiz,
Systems Architect,
ING Turkey

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WSO2 provides a lightweight integration platform with the right technical capabilities that we needed.

Sri Harsha Pulleti,
Integration Architect,
Motorola Mobility

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Full Protocol Support

Extensive protocol and format support — including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, JMS, MQTT, WebSocket, gRPC, POP, IMAP, SMTP, Kafka, JSON, XML, SOAP, EDI, and more — to easily integrate with a diverse range of systems.

Connectors and Templates

  • Quickly connect to systems such as payments, CRM, ERP, social networks, and core services with WSO2 Enterprise Integrator's 200+ enterprise-ready connectors.
  • Ships with adapters to COTS systems such as SAP, IBM WebSphere MQ, Oracle AQ, and MSMQ.
  • Build your own connector easily using SDKs and Web APIs.
  • Use predefined integration templates to quickly generate new projects. Just customize as required.

Powerful Data Transformation and Data Integration

  • Transform your data sources into API endpoints/services within minutes using WSO2 Integration Studio. Our built-in data integration wizard will guide you through the creation process.
  • Transform any kind of data (JSON, XML, CSV) using a drag-and-drop graphical development environment with real-time evaluation.
  • Built-in ETL capabilities with data mapping and support for third-party libraries.
  • Comes with a built-in option for seamless XML to JSON conversion.

Cloud Native

A container friendly, optimized, lightweight runtime with a low-memory footprint and a fast startup time. Seamlessly works with Docker and Kubernetes with support for WSO2 Integration Studio and the WSO2 Micro Integrator Kubernetes Operator.

Testing and Debugging

  • Built-in runtime to quickly deploy, run, and debug development lifecycles.
  • Visual debugging, with the ability to configure breakpoints and step through and inspect the current message and current runtime properties at any given stage of the integration flow.
  • Native test framework to implement test cases and mock backend services for integration artifacts. Also test against real remote backend systems, providing complete end-to-end integration testing support.

Flexible Deployment

Microservice Integration

A unique low-code approach to microservices integration.

Deploy the WSO2 integration runtime to host composite microservices that can harness the power of a low-code integration approach while reaping the benefits of MSA.

Choreo iPaaS

Create scheduled tasks, reusable APIs, or event-driven integrations. Build, deploy, run, and observe in a seamless serverless, multi-cloud, and multi-environment setup.

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Enterprise Service Bus

A leaner, state of the art integration runtime for your enterprise.

When deployed as an ESB, it supports message routing, transformation, message mediation, service orchestration, service and API hosting needs, and any enterprise integration pattern.

WSO2 Subscription

The easiest way to deploy WSO2 API Manager is to let us take care of the details with a private cloud deployment.
Or, you can deploy and manage it yourself with the help of a WSO2 Subscription, which provides a full range of enterprise-level benefits, including

Production Usage

Deploy and use the commercial version of WSO2 API Manager in your production environment.

Supported Distribution

Download options like Docker, Puppet, and Ansible.


Subscribe for product improvements, bug fixes, and performance enhancements.


Speak to experts to keep you on track.


Review documentation to guide you through migration.


Access optional services like architecture, configuration reviews, plus much more.

An unsupported open source distribution is available to build on your own. Download it through GitHub, and access support through our Discord community.

For more information, please check out our subscription page.

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