Robust, Lightweight, Powerful Integration

A comprehensive integration solution that simplifies your digital transformation journey. Streamlines connectivity among applications, services, data, and cloud using a user-friendly low-code graphical designing experience. Deployment options include both microservices and ESB style for better flexibility.


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WSO2 MI - Robust, Lightweight, Powerful Integration

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Solve Any Integration Challenge

Link your business and partners, communicate using any protocol, process diverse data, and operate across various environments (VMs, Kubernetes, on-premises, or the cloud). Swiftly construct integration automation using a powerful graphical interface.

Solve Any Integration Challenge

Integrations as APIs

Take any service or data source and make it reusable as an API. Expose RESTful services, SOAP web services, WebSockets, and more to take your service, parameterize it, and make it a reusable integration.

Modernize Your Enterprise

An open source integration platform to easily connect systems through established open standards, interface with legacy or proprietary services and systems, and ensure dependable access to all your data.

Event-Driven Integrations

Subscribe to any event source (including Kafka, AMQP, MQTT, JMS, and email) or react to system events such as file uploads. Create an event producer or consumer in any protocol.

Connectors and Templates

Rapidly develop integrations between well-known systems and cloud services.

Connectors and Templates

Many Pre-Built Connectors

Quickly connect to systems such as payments, CRM, ERP, social networks, and core services with over 200 enterprise-ready connectors. Ships with adapters to COTS systems like SAP, IBM WebSphere MQ, Oracle AQ, and MSMQ.

Build Your Own Connector with Ease

Build your own connector easily using SDKs and Web APIs. Develop custom connectors that can be used to connect to any system, regardless of the underlying technology.

Maximize Reuse and Common Patterns

Use predefined integration templates to quickly generate new projects using common patterns—just customize as required. Build your own templates and patterns to meet your needs.

Powerful Data Transformation and Data Integration

Data fuels businesses. Various systems handle data uniquely, and swiftly exposing and utilizing this data is vital for delivering modern apps and services that power your business's digital experiences.

Powerful Data Transformation and Data Integration

Rapid Data Access

Expose your data sources into API endpoints/services within minutes using WSO2 Integration Studio. Our built-in data integration wizard will guide you through the creation process.

Complex Data Transformation Made Easy

Handle complex data transformation without writing code. Utilizing OOTB tools like FreeMarker Templates and XSLT, you can rapidly convert and move data between systems.

Visual Data Mapping

Comes with an easy-to-use visual data mapper to transform data from any format (like JSON, XML, and CSV). The drag-and-drop graphical interface helps to create data transformation workflows without any coding.

Flexible Deployment

Enterprises require adaptable integration solutions that can adjust to changing business needs. Our platform grows alongside your business, supporting traditional, cloud native, and other contemporary integration approaches.

Flexible Deployment

Microservice Integration

Deploy the WSO2 integration runtime to host composite microservices that can harness the power of a low-code integration approach while reaping the benefits of MSA.

Choreo for Integration (SaaS)

Create scheduled tasks, reusable APIs, or event-driven integrations. Build, deploy, run, and observe in a serverless, multi-cloud, and multi-environment setup.

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Enterprise Service Bus

When deployed as an ESB, the platform supports message routing, transformation, message mediation, service orchestration, service and API hosting needs, and any enterprise integration pattern.

Improve Code Quality: Simplified Debugging, and Testing

Integrations are essential for today's digital services. WSO2 Micro Integrator provides a suite of testing capabilities to help you ensure your integrations are reliable in production.

Improve Code Quality

Accelerate Development Cycles

Built-in runtime to quickly deploy, run, and debug development lifecycles.

Enhance Debugging and Issue Identification

Visual debugging, with the ability to configure breakpoints and step through and inspect the current message and current runtime properties at any given stage of the integration flow.

Perform Comprehensive Tests Easily

Native test framework to implement test cases and mock backend services for integration artifacts. Also test against real remote backend systems, providing complete end-to-end integration testing support.

Faster, Easier Development with VS Code

We’ve switched from an Eclipse RCP-based studio and made WSO2 Micro Integrator more developer-friendly with the popular VS Code editor. This means you can build integrations faster and easier, using tools you’re familiar with.

Improve Code Quality

From Idea to Implementation in a Flash

VS Code's clean and user-friendly design makes navigating and working with integration configurations a breeze. Customizable layouts and themes further enhance your development experience.

Enhanced Development Experience

AI-powered assistance through MI Copilot streamlines your workflow by reducing initial setup time and easing the learning curve.

Extensive Community Support

Tap into the vast knowledge base of the active VS Code community. Access tutorials, forums, and resources to get answers.

WSO2 Subscription: Simplify Your Deployment

Deploy WSO2 Micro Integrator effortlessly with our private cloud option. Alternatively, manage it yourself using a WSO2 Subscription, offering:

  • The commercial version of WSO2 Micro Integrator for production.
  • Download options including Docker, Puppet, and Ansible.
  • Updates for enhancements, fixes, and performance boosts.
  • Expert support from professionals.
  • Documentation to guide you through migration.
  • Optional services like architecture and configurations reviews.

You can also explore our unsupported open source distribution for DIY building on GitHub and tap into assistance from our Discord community. For more details, visit our subscription page.

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