Confirmation of a COVID-19 Positive Employee at WSO2

Colombo, Sri Lanka - October 18, 2020 - It has been brought to our notice that one of our team members from the Sri Lanka office has been confirmed for COVID-19 during PCR tests conducted by the health authorities. 

The team member in question came into contact with the virus through a family member who has also tested positive, and both are currently receiving medical treatment at a government-managed healthcare facility. The rest of their family is following all government-mandated protocols.

The employee in question has not visited our offices since August of this year, hence, there has been no contact with other employees via the office. The government’s contact tracing protocol is already underway for this individual, and the company is providing any and all assistance required.

With the safety of our team being our priority, we instituted a work-from-home policy in March and have recently extended it until July 2021. We re-opened for opt-in attendance with limited numbers in August at one office; however, with the recent outbreak, we fully closed all our offices again on October 3rd.

We are supporting our affected team member and family in all ways necessary and wish them a speedy recovery. 


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