O2 Maintains Stronghold on Customer Satisfaction Index by Offering Innovative Solutions Powered by WSO2

New case study examines how O2 Slovakia launched a self-care mobile app built on WSO2 API Manager to provide its subscribers with pioneering service solutions

Mountain View, CA – August 11, 2015 – WSO2 today announced that O2 Slovakia, one of the top three mobile service providers in Slovakia, has developed its game-changing self-care mobile app using the 100% open source WSO2 API Manager. A new case study examines how O2 relies on WSO2’s software to manage RESTful APIs, customer identification, and service verification of the mobile app. The full case study can be downloaded at https://wso2.com/casestudies/o2-maintains-stronghold-on-customer-satisfaction-index-by-offering-innovative-solutions-powered-by-wso2.

Retaining and Growing Customer Base with Innovative Solutions

O2 maintains the highest customer satisfaction rating among mobile operators in Slovakia, and serves a base of more than 1.7 million customers. Since entering the Slovak telco market in 2006, O2 Slovakia has changed the rules of mobile communication in the country, introducing principles of fairness, simplicity and transparency through its service offerings. In 2014, O2 was awarded “Operator of the Year” in an independent customer survey for the sixth consecutive time.

O2 has built its success by regularly introducing competitive pricing, incentives and attractive packages, always a step ahead of industry standards. One such initiative was the company’s self-care mobile app, built on WSO2 API Manager, which is aimed at reducing help-desk costs, increasing service-center efficiency, and building loyalty by increasing customer satisfaction. The case study discusses how:

  • O2 addressed the technological demands of the mobile app in the areas of security, availability and functionality.
  • WSO2 API Manager functionality supports the self-care mobile app.
  • O2 achieved tighter security integration through its implementation of WSO2 API Manager.
  • O2’s self-care app (http://www.o2.sk/moje-o2/aplikacia) has maintained high performance in the wake of wide customer adoption, with over 150,000 downloads since deployment.

“The WSO2 solution was readily available with sufficient functionality to provide the REST services we required for the mobile app to function in the most efficient, stable and secure way,” said Mr. Ján Vanovčan, O2 Slovakia CIO. “WSO2 is definitely part of our expansion plans as we increase the number of subscribers across Slovakia.”

“O2’s leadership in delivering ground-breaking mobile service solutions in Slovakia is reflected by the company’s strong customer endorsements,” said Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana, WSO2 founder, CEO and chief architect. “We are thrilled by O2’s success in using WSO2 API Manager to accelerate its business innovation and introduce new revenue streams to the company. It highlights the value of using an open source, open standards approach to harness the many technologies that are enabling today’s connected world.”

About O2 Slovakia

O2 joined the Slovak telco market on August 25, 2006, following a decision by the Selection Committee of the Telecommunication Office of the Slovak Republic. The company went on to begin commercial operations on February 2, 2007. From the start, O2 has systematically changed the rules of mobile communication in Slovakia, winning “Operator of the Year” in an independent customer survey across the country for the sixth consecutive year in 2014.

With innovative packages, such as O2 Fér offer, O2 Moja Firma and O2 Paušál reflecting O2’s main principles of fairness, simplicity and transparency, O2 was the first operator to bring a flat tariff rate on calls and texts in Slovakia. The company introduced the LTE network to the market, and offered services through NFC technology. Such pioneering approaches, together with high quality services, are endorsed by more than 1.7 million customers, also the most satisfied in the market according to Customer Satisfaction Index survey results. For more information visit www.o2.sk | O2 Slovakia Annual Report 2014.

About WSO2

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