Pharosinfo Becomes a WSO2 Value Added Reseller in Korea to Drive Identity and Access Management Solutions

WSO2’s developer-first, extensible products will play a key role in providing out-of-the-box IAM integrations with seamless login experiences to Pharosinfo’s customers in Korea

Santa Clara, CA, USA and Seoul, Korea – December 20, 2021 –WSO2 and Pharosinfo today announced a partnership in which Pharosinfo is a WSO2 Value-Added Reseller (VAR) in Korea. Under this agreement, Pharosinfo will drive the adoption of WSO2’s extensible, developer-friendly identity and access management (IAM) products in Korea. The partnership also serves to extend WSO2’s commitment to the Korean market.

Pharosinfo was founded in 2016 by a group of Korean IAM experts with 15 years of consultation and service construction expertise. Pharosinfo assesses the present state of customers' IAM requirements and offers consulting services aimed at improving IAM maturity and establishing future roadmap strategies. Its implementation expertise supports WSO2's open-source WSO2 Identity Server IAM product, which combines developer-first, extensible out-of-the-box IAM integrations with seamless login experiences.

“With the spread of digital business, systems have become more complex and evolved with connections to the cloud, Internet of Things, and social networking services. At the same time, the threat of IT security has grown,” said Pharosinfo CEO ByungHyup Kim. “With WSO2’s powerful technology stack, including comprehensive IAM software, we see a significant opportunity to expand the business and open new doors. We believe we have the right IAM and consulting experience and strategy to be a WSO2 Reseller regionally.”

Jonathan Marsh, vice president of strategy for WSO2, said, “We are excited by the growing adoption of our industry-leading open-source technology in Korea. Our partnership with Pharosinfo will provide enterprises implementation and consulting expertise tailored to local business and government requirements, making it possible to conveniently secure digital services."

About WSO2

Founded in 2005, WSO2 enables thousands of enterprises, including hundreds of the world’s largest corporations, top universities, and governments, to drive their digital transformation journeys—executing more than 18 trillion transactions and managing more than 500 million identities annually. Using WSO2 for API management, integration, and customer identity and access management (CIAM), these organizations are harnessing the full power of their APIs to securely deliver their digital services and applications. Our open-source, API-first approach to software that runs on-premises and in the cloud, helps developers and architects to be more productive and rapidly compose digital products to meet demand while remaining free from vendor lock-in. WSO2 has over 900 employees worldwide with offices in Australia, Brazil, Germany, Sri Lanka, the UAE, the UK, and the US. Visit to learn more. Follow WSO2 on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Pharosinfo

Pharosinfo is a company established in 2016 and is a compound word of Pharos and Information. We will act as a beacon that illuminates the path of customer's IT infrastructure by detecting rapid information and changes in security, mobile, and cloud infrastructure. Pharosinfo is in the business of authentication and access control management of the organization's Digital ID for users and devices. Visit to learn more.

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