University Psychiatric Clinics Basel Modernizes Integration of its Applications with WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus

New case study examines how WSO2 partner AVINTIS SA implemented WSO2 ESB to help leading Swiss hospital migrate from Oracle JCAPS, reducing costs and risks

Mountain View, CA – November 19, 2014 – WSO2 today announced that the University Psychiatric Clinics Basel (Universitäre Psychiatrische Kliniken Basel or UPK Basel) has modernized its application integration with WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (WSO2 ESB). The UPK Basel solution was implemented by WSO2 Partner AVINTIS SA, which migrated the institution from Oracle’s Java Composite Application Platform Suite (JCAPS). The implementation is outlined in a new case study from WSO2, which can be downloaded at .

Integrating Systems in the Highly Regulated Healthcare Industry

Located in Switzerland, UPK Basel is a leader in psychiatry and psychotherapy, providing patient care, teaching classes, and conducting applied clinical research. For years, UPK Basel tied together its various healthcare and administrative applications using JCAPS, but Oracle’s announcement that it would no longer support the software led the institution to evaluate alternative solutions.

The case study examines how UPK Basel turned to AVINTIS SA, a pioneer in application integration with deep healthcare industry expertise, which has been implementing and maintaining technology solutions for the institution since 2008, including the JCAPS system. It also discusses the decision factors behind selecting the 100% open source WSO2 ESB and the sequential phases of the migration. Additionally, it explores how software developed by AVINTIS automated the process of migrating to WSO2 ESB, speeding the process while eliminating the risks of a manual migration.

“The AVINTIS scripts allowed us to migrate smoothly the existing configurations in production on JCAPS to WSO2. We were truly impressed with the speed and very high degree of simplicity,” said Álvaro Pérez, head of IT at the University Psychiatric Clinics Basel. “With AVINTIS and WSO2, we have an integration platform that offers very attractive price/performance, and the training we have received allows us to improve our first-level management of the interfaces. We also can continue to benefit from great AVINTIS tools, such as the AVINTIS Cockpit, which controls and monitors data flows to ensure that they are executed end-to-end and protect against the loss of data.”

“WSO2 ESB’s support for industry standards and its highly configurable architecture greatly facilitated our efforts in creating and running the conversion scripts we developed,” said Alfred Berger, AVINTIS SA CEO and owner. “By migrating from JCAPS to WSO2 ESB, UPK Basel now has an integration platform that delivers the high availability, scalability and reliability to support its application demands for years to come.”

“As a global leader in psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatment and education, UPK Basel relies on the ability to effectively harness information and services from a range of disparate applications,” said Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana, WSO2 founder and CEO. “We are excited by the success of AVINTIS and UPK Basel in migrating from JCAPS to our WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus. It highlights the value of taking an open source, open standards approach to integrating the many systems that enable today’s connected business.”

About UPK Basel

The University Psychiatric Clinics Basel (Universitäre Psychiatrische Kliniken Basel or UPK Basel) is a leader in psychiatry and psychotherapy, providing patient care, teaching classes, and conducting applied clinical research. UPK Basel offers specialized psychiatric-psychotherapeutic services at its four clinics. UPK Basel also provides education through the University of Basel Faculty of Medicine. For more information, visit .


AVINTIS SA is a Swiss company. For more than 16 years, AVINTIS has pursued the mission to help companies take advantage of change and evolution through the implementation of "agility solutions" based on open and evolving concepts. AVINTIS delivers software and services based on architectural expertise in enterprise application integration, enterprise service bus, SOA, identity management, and master data management. AVINTIS’ customer portfolio includes multi-national companies as well as small-to-medium businesses covering the main sectors such as finance, industry, insurance, public administration and healthcare. Particularly in Healthcare, AVINTIS offers specialized vertical solutions based on these concepts. For more information, visit

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