WSO2 Cited in Vendor Landscape Reports for API Management Solutions and API Gateways by Independent Research Firm

Reports cite API management solutions as a linchpin for digital business transformations and API gateways for providing important infrastructure to protect transaction and data flows at the edge

Mountain View, CA – October 20, 2016 – WSO2 today announced that it has been cited by Forrester Research, Inc. in two vendor landscape reports published on October 3, 2016: "Vendor Landscape: API Management Solutions" and “Vendor Landscape: API Gateways.”

The “Vendor Landscape: API Management Solutions” report identifies WSO2 API Manager as one of the “broad-based API management solutions” that “are the most common on enterprise shortlists.” Notably, WSO2 is one of only two vendors to be recognized for offering all five categories of the key features listed for this category. The report states that, “[WSO2 API Manager is an] open source SaaS and customer-managed deployment, [which] supports SOAP APIs and API product definition. [The] SaaS edition supports integration with third-party billing. WSO2 Identity Server may be added on for certain security and mobile scenarios (this incurs an additional cost).”

The “Vendor Landscape: API Gateways” report lists WSO2 API Gateway as one of the “API, messaging, and file gateways” that “give unified protection to a wide range of use cases.” The report notes that, “[WSO2 API Gateway is] open source [and] supports authentication and authorization, quotas and rate limits, content validation, cryptographic processing, mediation and transformation, core security integration, attack protection, WebSockets, and MQTT. WSO2’s architecture enables its API Manager product to be trimmed down to be only a gateway, as well as allowing the addition of WSO2 Identity Server for additional security integration features (at an additional cost).”

“The API-driven economy is quickly evolving from a vision to reality as organizations move beyond basic API management to innovating new business models and generating new revenue streams,” said Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana, WSO2 founder, CEO and chief architect. “We are honored to be recognized by Forrester in both the ‘Vendor Landscape: API Management Solutions’ and ‘Vendor Landscape: API Gateways’ reports. We view these as validation of our comprehensive, enterprise-class, and 100% open source approach to API management.”

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