WSO2 Expands Partner Program to Support Growing Global Demand for the WSO2 Integration Agile Platform

Expanded WSO2 Partner Program adds training, technical support, cooperative marketing and sales incentives to drive the success of regional and global partners

Mountain View, CA – July 16, 2018 – Worldwide demand for the WSO2 Integration Agile Platform is rapidly growing as enterprises seek agile approaches for securely integrating the apps and services that drive their digital businesses. To enable customers’ success, WSO2 today announced that the company has significantly expanded the WSO2 Partner Program to support local, regional and global systems integrators (SIs), solution providers, and service delivery partners.

The WSO2 Partner Program is focused on establishing partner relationships that define a clear business value for customers, ensure sound architecture design and the optimal performance of products, and address each customer’s critical success factors (CSFs). In less than five years, the program has already seen a number of WSO2 partners grow to 150-plus person operations by collaborating with WSO2 on customer engagements and extending joint marketing initiatives.

The expanded WSO2 Partner Program adds several new initiatives aimed at enabling partners to build their expertise and role in successfully implementing WSO2’s platform, extend their joint marketing and social media initiatives with WSO2, and grow revenues from customer engagements. Additionally, the program has grown to include seven levels of engagement to address the many different ways that organizations can team with WSO2. WSO2 is also kicking off its first Partner Advisory Board (PAB), which will be chaired by Javier Rul Correa, CEO, Chakray Consulting, S.L., a WSO2 Premier Partner.

The expanded partner program also now offers a pathway for partners that have earned WSO2 L2 certifications to achieve a most valued professional (MVP) classification of distinction. The MVP classification for any product specialty is based on L2 certification in that product, work performed, and contributions to the WSO2 community. This creates an additional path of growth beyond Level 1 and 2 certifications and an opportunity to be showcased as having superior partner staff credentials. The WSO2 partner pool of knowledgeable WSO2 engineers is quickly approaching 500 professionals.

With a focus on partner enablement, the expanded WSO2 Partner Program also provides participants with greater access to information and experts, including:

  • More online training, YouTube tutorials, and webinars available at no cost
  • Discounts for onsite or custom training
  • Access to WSO2 subject matter experts (SMEs) via WSO2 and partner workshops, and events on WSO2 products and solutions in key industries globally
  • Quarterly product updates, roadmaps and participation in customer advisory boards

“As we see growing demand around the world for the open source WSO2 Integration Agile Platform, our partners are playing a critical role in ensuring our customers’ success. Not only do they bring valuable implementation expertise; they also offer critical insights into local business environments, and financial and governmental requirements that enterprises need to address,” said WSO2 Vice-President and General Manager of Global Partner Channels and OEMs John Saylor. “Our expanded WSO2 Partner Program recognizes the contributions of our partners by offering more ways than ever to grow their businesses by increasing revenues, extending their expertise, and maximizing joint collaboration.”

New Partnership Levels Provide Flexibility, Expanded Opportunities

All WSO2 partners have an opportunity to participate in joint sales and marketing efforts, gain Partner Portal access, and have their logos displayed. They also are featured on the WSO2 Partner Finder and website listing, and are eligible for selection in the Partner of the Quarter. Additionally, the WSO2 Partner Program now offers a range of partnership levels designed to support consultants, SIs and solution providers of all sizes.

Consultative Partner is designed to encourage consultants to onboard their local customers; test the waters by getting one engineer certified with specific projects; and combine the strength of the network of service delivery resources, including the WSO2 Partner Network and WSO2 resources, for project service delivery.

Sponsored Partner allows for quick onboarding of partners, resellers and OEMs that want to rapidly establish a WSO2 footprint by getting one engineer certified, who becomes the WSO2 resident expert. This type of partnership still requires tapping the WSO2 Partner Network or WSO2 resources for project service delivery.

Certified Partner is for partners that have been successful with WSO2 projects and are building a staff of WSO2 project engineers. Additionally, they are creating an active business, maintaining a center of excellence to demo all WSO2 products, are engaged at many of WSO2’s events, and may sponsor a local event.

Premier Partner recognizes elite partners for WSO2 that are established in local areas or countries and are well-known in the industry. They have a strong staff of WSO2 project engineers, maintain a center of excellence to demo all WSO2 products, and are engaged at many of WSO2’s events in addition to sponsoring local events. Some of these businesses may focus a majority or near majority of their business on WSO2.

Strategic Partner: This program is for larger SIs that are global in nature, have global touchpoints that offer WSO2 a greater market reach, and provide significantly large pools of project engineers.

WSO2 Reseller Programs: The expanded WSO2 Partner Program features two new reseller options.

  • Value-added reseller (VAR): These agreements allow partners to buy products and solutions from WSO2 and then add value to the WSO2 software components, applications, or other components along with a services wrapper.
  • Distributor: These agreements let qualified Premier and Certified Partners sell WSO2 subscriptions and services. They are reserved for localized country or regional market penetration and are by invitation only.

With all reseller agreements, WSO2 will still provide 100% of the service level agreement (SLA) for support and verify certifications for all professionals globally. End user accounts will still be bound to the WSO2 end-user license agreement (EULA) and support policy.

Under the expanded WSO2 Partner Program, Chakray Consulting, S.L., a WSO2 Premier Partner, will establish the first WSO2 Reseller business. (See today’s press release, “New Operations in Mexico Extend WSO2’s Reach Across Latin America,” to learn more.)

WSO2 Open Community

Contributing to open source can be a rewarding way to learn, teach, and gain experience in WSO2 skills. WSO2 encourages contributions of use cases, white papers, or any helpful material created from WSO2’s freely available open source software without WSO2 commercial updates. However, to provide more focus on WSO2 partners, activities around the WSO2 Partner Program and WSO2 open source community have been decoupled.  Information regarding how to engage with the WSO2 open community can be found on the WSO2 website (

Partner Program Availability

The expanded WSO2 Partner Program is up and running today and available to qualified participants. To learn more about the benefits and requirements of becoming a WSO2 partner or reseller, visit

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