WSO2 Technology Executives to Present Keynote, Workshop and Two Sessions at JAX London 2014 Conference

WSO2 workshop will explore API management best practices; sessions will examine a complex event processing case study and the Apache Stratos PaaS framework

Mountain View, CA – October 8, 2014 – Increasingly, enterprises are taking advantage of open source technologies to transform their business. In his keynote presentation at JAX London 2014, WSO2 Co-founder and CTO Paul Fremantle will examine the role of open source as part of a broader strategy for developers to connect the world. Additionally, technology experts from WSO2 will present a workshop on API management, as well as sessions on complex event processing (CEP) and the Apache Stratos platform as a service (PaaS) framework.

WSO2 is a Platinum Partner of JAX London, which will run October 13-15, 2014 at the Business Design Centre, Islington in London, UK.

Keynote – Connecting the World

Paul's keynote presentation, “Connecting the World,” will run 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, October 14, 2014. He will begin by discussing how the world is becoming more “connected”—with more than 3 billion people online, 8 billion devices, and millions using applications. Paul then will examine how enterprise developers are responsible for building our connected world. He also will look at key characteristics, different technologies, and approaches for evolving business strategy and participating in this connected world.

Workshop – API Management

The workshop, “API Management,” will be held Monday, October 13, 2014 from 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Jointly presenting the session will be Paul and WSO2 Solutions Architect Senaka Fernando.

The half-day workshop will examine how organizations can leverage API management to better participate in the API economy. They will begin by exploring the overall landscape and approaches to API management. Paul and Senaka then will discuss hands-on approaches to using open source solutions for exposing, monitoring and managing APIs. Key topics they will cover include:

  • The benefits and challenges of exposing APIs
  • Using OAuth2 for security management
  • Single sign-on (SSO) with OpenID Connect and the Security Assertion Mark-up Language (SAML) 2.0
  • Addressing API life cycles, analytics and monitoring
  • Understanding options for monetization

Session – Understanding Real-Time Event Processing Through Football

The session, “Understanding Real-Time Event Processing Through Football,” will run Tuesday, October 14, 2014 from 11:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m. Senaka will present the session, which is designed for developers seeking to understand how real-time and batch analytics can work together.

Senaka will begin by discussing how mobile devices, sensors and GPS are driving the demand to handle big data in both batch and real-time. He then will review how the WSO2 team used CEP and MapReduce based technologies to track and process real-time data from a football match, which was collected via sensors placed in the ball and players' shoes. Additionally, Senaka will cover how:

  • The team processed 100,000 events per second using time-enhanced SQL queries in the open source Siddhi engine.
  • The solution was extended to conduct batch processing using business activity monitoring (BAM) with the same framework.
  • The team obtained both instant analytics and more detailed batch processing-based results using the Lambda architecture pattern.

Session – Apache Stratos: The PaaS from Apache

The session, “Apache Stratos: The PaaS from Apache,” will run Wednesday, October 15, 2014 from 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. WSO2 Director of Cloud Architecture and Vice President of Apache Stratos Lakmal Warusawithana will present the session, which provides a detailed overview of Apache Stratos, which graduated to a full project in June 2014.

Lakmal will begin with an architectural overview of Apache Stratos, a highly extensible PaaS framework that can run a range of software—such as Apache Tomcat, PHP, and MySQL, among others—through cartridges that plug into Stratos. He then will discuss how Stratos provides developers a cloud-based environment for developing, testing and running scalable applications. Lakmal also will discuss how to:

  • Install and deploy sample applications in Stratos.
  • Take advantage of Stratos for application deployment, provisioning and auto-scaling.
  • Achieve high utilization rates through in-container multi-tenancy, automated resource management, platform-wide insight through monitoring, and monetization via billing.

About the Presenters

Paul Fremantle is WSO2 co-founder and CTO, and he is co-chair of the OASIS Web Services Reliable eXchange Technical Committee. Recognized by InfoWorld as a Top 25 CTO, he was responsible for simultaneously leading development of the groundbreaking WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus and Apache Synapse ESB. Paul has played a pioneering role in open source development, beginning with the original Apache SOAP project and his role in leading IBM's involvement in the Axis C/C++ project. Paul is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, and he previously served as vice president of the Apache Synapse project.

Lakmal Warusawithana is WSO2 director of cloud architecture and vice president of Apache Stratos. At WSO2, Lakmal focuses on the development of WSO2 Private PaaS, which is built on top of the Apache Stratos project. Lakmal has over 12 years of industry experience. In 2005, he co-founded the thinkCube, pioneering the next generation of collaborative cloud computing products tailored toward telecom operators. There, Lakmal oversaw the overall engineering process with a deep focus on scalability and service delivery of thinkCube solutions. Prior to co-founding thinkCube, he specialized in Linux-based server deployments that came with a custom server management interface at ITABS.

Senaka Fernando is a WSO2 solutions architect. In addition to his product development efforts, he has provided technology consulting on customer engagements, helping to successfully implement governance, enterprise application integration, SAP integration, and on-premise portal solutions. Senaka also founded the WSO2 Web Services Framework/C++ during his internship with WSO2 in 2008.

Integrated Open Source Approach to the Connected Business

The WSO2 booth at JAX London 2014 will have experts available to discuss the synergistic, integrated approach of WSO2’s 100% open source platforms in addressing the technology demands of competing in a connected world, including the cloud, API management, big data analytics, the management and security of mobile and Internet of Things devices, and DevOps, to name a few.

Among the WSO2 solutions are: products from the comprehensive WSO2 Carbon enterprise middleware platform, including WSO2 Identity Server, WSO2 Governance Registry, and WSO2 API Manager; WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager; and the WSO2 Private PaaS and WSO2 Public Cloud platforms.

Significantly, all WSO2 solutions are built on the same fully componentized, OSGI-compliant code base. As a result, developers can easily deploy and customize any of these WSO2 products and the 175-plus components on which they are comprised, providing greater flexibility and agility to meet changing enterprise demands.

In addition to WSO2 cloud platforms, all WSO2 Carbon enterprise middleware products also are fully multitenant and cloud-ready. This means IT professionals can write an application once and deploy it on the same middleware on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

About JAX London 2014

JAX London 2014 will bring Java, Java virtual machine (JVM) and enterprise professionals together for a technology and methodology focused event. Known as the place where the most respected thinkers and the brightest minds of the tech community meet, JAX London offers a deep dive for the modern developer and architect aiming to transform open technologies into valuable business solutions. We pride ourselves by always focusing on the big picture: Java core, architecture, and Web technologies, as well as expert professional insight into the very latest methodologies and best practices. For more information, visit

About WSO2

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