Lakmal Warusawithana

Senior Director - Cloud Architecture

Lakmal is the Senior Director - Cloud Architecture at WSO2.

In 2005, Lakmal co-founded the thinkCube, the pioneers in developing the next generation of Collaborative Cloud Computing products that are tailored towards Telecom operators. He oversaw the overall engineering process, giving special attention to scalability and service delivery of thinkCube solutions.

Prior to co-founding thinkCube, Lakmal spent four years at ITABS, a company that specialized in Linux based server deployments that came with a custom easy-to-use server management interface.

Lakmal has also presented at numerous events, including ApacheCon, CloudOpen, QCon, JaxLondon, Cloud Expo, Cloudstack Collaboration Conference, WSO2Con and many tech meetups.

Lakmal holds a BSc (Hons) Special in Computer Science from the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.