An open source, cloud-native streaming data integration and analytics product optimized for agile digital businesses

WSO2 Stream Processor is an open source, cloud native and lightweight stream processing platform that understands streaming SQL queries in order to capture, analyze, process and act on events in real time. This facilitates real-time streaming data integration and analytics. With the product’s powerful streaming SQL, simple deployment, and ability to adapt to changes rapidly, enterprises can go to market faster and achieve greater ROI. Unlike other offerings, it provides a simple two-node deployment for high availability and scales beyond with its distributed deployment to cater to extremely high workloads.


  • Lightweight and small deployment capable of handling large event rates
  • Process real-time aggregation queries that span from seconds to years
  • Distributed deployment to scale and process millions of events per second
  • Support for sophisticated use cases that require complex streaming operators and anomaly detection
  • Rich and agile development experience with Streaming SQL using the graphical drag-and-drop editor
  • Provides business users more autonomy in managing tools


Collect events through multiple transports and messaging formats. Use Streaming SQL to process streams, detect complex events and do prediction using machine learning models. Generate and notify alerts in real time and visualize them with real-time dashboards.

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Start small and scale as you grow

It’s the only stream processor that provides high availability and 100K+ throughput with just two nodes and scales to 30+ billion events per day with its NATS and Kafka-based distributed deployment.

Intuitive and comprehensive programming environment

The state-of-the-art IDE for creating Siddhi Applications, using graphical and streaming SQL, includes smart editing, event replay and simulation, and debugging capabilities.

Sense the present and predict the future

It provides the ability to gain insights using past performances, serve pre-trained and online machine-learning models and perform real-time predictions.

Click your way through analytics

Non-tech users can deploy and execute rules against incoming data streams without having to write queries.

Build smarter devices with edge analytics

Stream Processor makes devices smarter by deploying Siddhi (<2MB) on the edge and scaling IoT analytics to handle massive amounts of data.

Connect and integrate with anything

It works out of the box with popular data formats and transport protocols and connects to over 100 legacy and cloud services via connectors and agents.

WSO2 won Transport for London’s Data in Motion hack week by designing solutions to manage traffic and optimize road access for millions of London commuters.


Success Stories

Uber has built a scalable complex event processing engine using WSO2 Siddhi, to solve their many challenging real-time data queries.


Success Stories

United Airlines evolve and improve their customer services via IoT devices using WSO2.



  • Siddhi

    WSO2 SP contains Siddhi at its core to collect, analyze and act on incoming events.

  • Dashboard portal

    The dashboard portal allows users to visualize analysis results. Users can customize dashboards and widgets according to requirements.

  • Business rules manager

    The Business Rules Manager enables users to define templates and generate business rules for different scenarios.

  • Stream processor runtime

    Users can create real-time applications rapidly owing to streaming SQL capabilities and an inbuilt editor with event simulation and debugging support.

  • Development environment

    The state-of-the-art IDE includes smart editing, event replay and simulation, and debugging capabilities.