Leverage streaming analytics to gain the business intelligence you need for digital transformation


WSO2 Data Analytics Server (WSO2 DAS) is a powerful open source analytics platform that analyzes data streams in real time. It offers streaming analytics capabilities, complex event processing, and machine learning to help you understand events, map their impacts, identify patterns and react within milliseconds in real-time.

Process millions of events per second in real-time

Take advantage of streaming analytics capabilities to set up highly scalable and efficient real-time analysis systems

Find the easier way to write analyses

Write analysis logic in Siddhi, a specialized, easy-to-use, SQL-like language; WSO2 DAS will meet all your stream processing needs

Investigate the past, predict the future

Use predictive analysis to explore and investigate past performances and gain insights that drive business planning, which is a key part of business analytics

Connect and integrate with anything

Work out of the box with popular data formats and transport protocols and connect to over 100 legacy and cloud services with connectors

Generate business intelligence to support corporate decisions

Benefit from a wide variety of tools, applications and methodologies to aid data gathering, run queries against them, and create reports to visualize findings

Leverage edge analytics

IoT constructs generate massive amounts of data, requiring analysis and filtering at the gateway level. Use WSO2 Siddhi library, which is a part of WSO2 DAS, to power IoT analytics on the edge.