WSO2 Architecture for Agility

A proven approach to help every development organization become digitally driven.

The WSO2 Architecture for Agility is a logical architecture based on a disaggregated cloud-based model. It can be applied in incremental stages to create an agile foundation for any digital enterprise - deployable in private, public or hybrid cloud environments.

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WSO2 Architecture for Agility

The WSO2 Architecture for Agility provides a distributed approach, technical guidance, and best practices for digital-native organizations who are implementing integration projects. When implemented in combination with the WSO2 Methodology for Agility, the architecture provides a new level of agility at the enterprise level.


Provides the ability to deal with changing workloads by utilizing available resources and effectively maintaining service levels.


Components of the architecture can be versioned, replicable, and have well-defined interfaces.


Helps create a recursive and uniform architecture where new components and capabilities add to the overall platform in a seamless way.


Helps build managed, monitored, resilient systems, ensuring that organizational policies are enforced even across a loosely-distributed system.