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Meet the New WSO2 App Cloud

UPDATE: Since that time, App Cloud has been rebranded to WSO2 Integration Cloud and added even more exciting functionality.

We have completely revamped user experience for our PaaS to improve usability and bring it more modern look and feel.

Application overview page now has a dashboard from all the most important pieces of information about the application. You can even start editing the code right from it!

Application overview page in WSO2 App Cloud

By default, left-hand menu is closed to save screen space – but you can easily open it by clicking the “hamburger” button (that we all grew to like in various mobile apps these days):

Application menu slides out and lets you pick the page you need

The application wall, reporting who did what and when is still there on the right hand side:

Application wall slides in on the right side and gives a complete picture of what is going on in the project

And finally, there is a much improved Issue Tracker with sorting, filtering, commenting, and other long-requested functionality:

Issue and task tracking in WSO2 App Cloud

Sign up (or sign in – if you have an account) for WSO2 App Cloud and give it a try. It is still in free beta so there is no credit card required!

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