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[Video] Publish and Invoke SOAP APIs

It may seem that REST is taking over the world, but in fact, there are still plenty of SOAP APIs out there and these can be published and consumed in WSO2 API Cloud just fine.

The easiest way to add a SOAP API is to simply import the WSDL definition as shown in this new video:

SOAP calls then can be invoked both through the built-in API Console and external tools and code.

If you want to follow a step-by-step tutorial instead, we have one published too: Publish and Invoke a SOAP API.

And if you want to transform SOAP backend into a REST API, this too can be done with API transformation sequences. For example, we published a tutorial specifically on using transformation sequences to transform JSON payload to SOAP, and SOAP response back to JSON.

Have a SOAP endpoint to share? Try it today on WSO2 API Cloud!

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